Little Blue

Little Blue is a story about alienation and daring to be your true self “no matter what”. A story for everyone who for various reasons, suppresses their true selves and long for something different, better and bigger. The purpose of the film is to inspire people to take back their power and show that Earth can become a place where everyone can flourish and thrive.

The main theme in Little Blue is alienation. The main conflict is that Neo, a 12 year old boy, is about to become a ”hikikomori”, a loner who doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Neo has asperger traits, is withdrawn and escapes into his biggest interest: astronomy. Nor the school or his parents has time or resources to support him.

One night when everything feels especially hopeless, Neo is visited by an alien, Little Blue, who indirectly gets Neo to feel more trust in life and take back his power by standing up for what he loves and believes in.

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Screenplay script [93 pages] on request:

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